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HumanaCare’s Eldercare, Caregiving and Health Navigation Programs

Millions of Canadians have already taken on the role of caregiver, a responsibility that can range from helping an elderly parent with day-to-day tasks, assisting a spouse living with a chronic illness or helping a neighbour get to and from appointments. Caring for a loved one and navigating the health care system can be complex.
HumanaCare is one of the largest providers of corporate caregiving solutions in Canada offering a valuable service to members by addressing caregiving challenges and providing tangible solutions. HumanaCare provides its members nursing consultations and support over the phone giving tools and resources that will assist members in their area of need. With this guidance, members can make an informed decision regarding options available for themselves or a loved one.

How It Works

Eligible members and their immediate family (spouse, parents, in-laws and children) have access to HumanaCare’s services and are connected with a Registered Nurse who will develop a personalized care plan.

Overview of Services:

Key areas supported include:
· Accessing Benefits (Provincial & Federal)
· Community and Volunteer Organizations
· Transitions Advocacy
· Health Support Locating
· Seniors Health Information Including Nutrition
· Seniors Safety
· Seniors Wellbeing
· Legal & Financial Matters
· Medical Second Opinion

Accessing Provincial and Federal Benefits including provincial homecare programs, veteran programs, funding sources, assistive devices programs, medical resources, provincial drug benefit plans, and home renovation grants.
Transitions Advocacy and Information including assistance with hospital discharge and transitions to homecare or homecare services.
Accessing Community and Volunteer Organizations including Meals on Wheels, day programs, and seniors’ supports.
Locating Health Supports including physicians/specialists, occupational therapists, dietitians, physical therapists, pharmacists, and clinical trials.
Finding Health Information on diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes or stroke, linking with pharmacists for drug coaching and support, advocacy, and linking with organizational programs.
Establishing Safety including access to home safety assessments and discounted emergency response systems.Included with the HumanaCare service, is access to a personal emergency response system (PERS) at a discount. The PERS system includes two-way voice response and live support during emergency calls.
Legal & Financial assistance with budgeting, Wills, funeral planning and substitute decision maker.

Medical Second Opinion: Through a simple phone call, we are able to have one of our Medical Experts review your medical information to give you answers to critical questions to empower you to make the best decisions. Throughout the process you will be supported by a Nurse who can help make sense of the information and activate services and supports around you

Call 1-888-327-1500 to speak to one of our nurses today.


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